About Us

Blacnwhit – Our Story



That’s what BlacNwhit is about! A premier skincare and haircare brand that couples the classic Ayurveda with Modern Science.

We pick up eminent natural ingredients from different parts of the world and combine it with modernly synthesized molecules to provide you the best skin and hair care you need in these changing times.

Natural ingredients have been proven to be effective for skin and hair care for over centuries, but the ever-evolving environment of today poses a challenge these natural ingredients alone can’t meet. You need an EXTRA protection and care from modern Science.

Further, your skin and hair are the window to what occurs inside your body, especially for women who often experience hormonal imbalances in today’s time.

Struggling with her own skin problems years ago, Ms. Sakshi Garg (Founder), found relief with Ayurveda and Allopathic treatment taken together. The experience roused her to create a brand that combines the best of both the worlds; the purity of natural ingredients and the power of Modern Science.

So, get ready to experience ‘Power’ and ‘Purity’ simultaneously with BlacNwhit products!